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Peaks of Elbrus


July 26, 4100m

July 31, 5585m, match

Table tennis club "White Lightnings" (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine) under support of Federation of table tennis of Ukraine announces about holding an unprecedented action – organization of the highest mountain match on table tennis in the human history. The match was held on the 31st of July on 5,621 m altitude in the crater close to the eastern peak of the highest mountain of Europe, Elbrus, (height of the western summit is 5,642 m, eastern – 5,621 m). Weather conditions during the match: frost -11°C, northwester 1.5 mps.

The match was organized on the standard size table in compliance with the basic rules of the modern table tennis. The match participants and a table were protected by special covers. Our record achievement is waiting for registration in the Book of Records of the CIS and Guinness Book of World Awards.

We believe that the person, who is keen on his work, can do everything, even play table tennis on Elbrus.

Korkin Sergei,
Vice-President of Federation of table tennis of Ukraine

Expedition Members

Our expedition members are 15 enthusiasts, 4 of them are professionally involved in table tennis. Participants come from different countries including representatives from Ukraine and Russia. "The main goal of our expedition is to attract attention of a wide public of these countries to the table tennis as well as give a fitting answer to domination of China in the world tennis community," resumed, Sergei Korkin.


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Tennis table development
Table tennis on Elbrus - official video
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The match took place on
31st of July, 2009


September 9,2009

Table tennis match on the top of Elbrus was officially recognized by the Book of Records of the CIS.

August 4,2009

Farewell with Elbrus

The participants of the project "Table tennis on Elbrus" spent the last 2 days in the Elbrus area. Thus, on August, 3, the members of the expedition trained passing rocky routes under Alexander Shkalikov guidance, and then they had light and pleasant exercises, such as mushrooming and farewell lunch which slipped to dinner. In the morning of August, 4, the participants got up early, bundled and gathered tents. Severe Elbrus hided to the clouds, as if it could not to bid farewell to the guys. Then, the group moved to the city Mineralnye Vody and took a train, which arrived on the schedule. Tomorrow, at 7:33 a.m. the project participants are arriving to Dnepropetrovsk.

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